Vaginal Tightening Laser Beauty Instrument



        The vaginal deflation laser is the only one to achieve truly non-invasive vaginal tightening laser. Its unique patented 360 annular emission technology is a perfect combination, with its significant advantages such as non-invasive and painless, significant effect, and short abstinence period. The vaginal tightening treatment that has become the world's largest user, highest rating, and most popular among women has brought happiness and harmony to countless women and families.
          Its non-invasive mode of compact laser generates a high temperature of 50-70C in the controllable depth of the vaginal mucosa, stimulating the collagen laser energy to evenly and completely affect the entire vaginal area through the patented launch device, without harming mucosal tissue and organ function. No pain, no bleeding, no need for anesthesia, no discomfort after surgery, no hospitalization.



The Technical Advantages of Fractional Vaginal Tightening Laser

Non-invasive mode The laser is launched in the form of a pulse train. Pulse widths and clearances of the pulse train are accurately calculated and transmitted to ensure accurate and non-invasive.

Noninvasive treatment of photothermal effect The fractional non-invasive mode avoids excessive surface temperatures and allows heat to be transferred to the controllable depth of a few hundred microns in the vaginal mucosa, avoiding excessive heating, bleeding, and damage to deep tissue.

Generate controlled heat :The non-invasive compact laser produces a high temperature of 50-70 degrees in the controllable depth of the vaginal mucosa, which stimulates the collagen to tighten and recombine to achieve vaginal tightening.

Precise and rapid heating :Fractional
non-invasive compact technology uses a specific laser energy density, a specific number of laser pulses to control the treatment temperature and depth.

The Fractional Non-invasive Technique of Vaginal Tightening Laser

   1.The optimal laser wavelength can be absorbed by micron-sized tissues on the vaginal mucosa to avoid thermal damage to deep tissues or organs.

2.Continuous program-controlled optimization intervals, laser energy output in the form of short pulses, to avoid heat damage caused by the formation of high temperature on the skin surface, and the formation of a uniform thermal effect within the mucosal surface of several hundred microns thick.

3.The patented Fractional smooth mode, such as the feather-like soft non-invasive mode of treatment, does not exhibit bleeding.

4.The patented Fractional mode precisely controls the temperature and completely avoids any tissue damage.

Technical Characteristics of 360 Loop Emission of Fractional Vaginal Deflation Laser

1.Laser ring launch, vaginal walls in one step, no dead ends, no omissions.

2.360 ring launch technology, complete vaginal irradiation at a time, shorter treatment time, higher safety.

3.Ring patented design, treatment of hand tools does not touch the vaginal wall, treatment is more comfortable.

4.The 360 ring launch technology has been patented in Europe and the United States in 2012.

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