RF beauty equipment  treatment principle

 RF beauty equipment can stimulates anion and cation in the cell to generate heat by friction ,accelerates blood circulation of dermis and subcutaneous tissue, stimulates collagen rebirth and reconstruction, repairs aging and damaged collagen ,in order to tighten skin and reduce wrinkle

RF beauty equipment  can separately set in each side of body. Only one electrode in the handle (insulating on the surface), in view of promote the depth launched by handle electrode and the deepest is above 20mm. There is no electricity between handle electrode and skin, its totally depends on launching electric wave. So the depth care really come true.

 RF beauty equipment  makes the dermis collagen fibre tissue heated and shrinked immediately, caused the skin tightly. It can be used to treat pregnant wrinkle.

 RF beauty equipment produces heat damage to fat cell and it makes triglyceride released from fat cell. The triglyceride decomposed into FFA and Glycerol by the function of LPL and they are be drained away after body circulation. Thereby, the double functions of local thin body and good figure are perfect.

RF beauty equipment  is non-invaded that it can¨t damge the skin .It is an high safty treatment method and the effect is obviously. One time treatment can keep for a few years.



 RF300 beauty equipment Treatment  function

1.      Skin tightening and dispel small winkles 

2.      Increase skin flexibility

3.      Reduce the dilated pores makes the skin more smooth  

4.      Tighten up the slack skin

5.      Improve Like orange peel tissue and pregnant wrinkle


  RF300 beauty equipment Technology Parameter





Output Power

300 W

Power supply

AC 220/110V 

Input power




Operative Interface

8.4'' Dual Color LCD touch screen


Characteristic of RF300 beauty equipment 

1. High output power, it can used to other parts of body besides face for skin tightening

2. Display of test temperature ,you can control the treatment temperature at any time., it makes the manipulation not only have a good effects but also can¨t scald the skin

3.It has insulating material at the electrode to protect the treatment more safe.

4. Single electrode treatment and the manipulation is flexibility and convenient The function is deeper


    RF beauty equipment Treatment  before and after  Contrast


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