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         CO2 laser surgical system trait

1. Laser controlled by Microcomputer with advanced technology.
2. Complete safety system to ensure maximum safety.
3. Adjustable pulse width and interval for complete flexibility and application.
4. Adoption of selectable key units of laser power.
5. Adjustable aiming beam power to provide with optimum surgical condition.

6. Automatically test the obstacle  and notice the user by displaying figure.

7.Laser beam delivery system is composed of light 7-joint spring-balanced articulated arm, which can be operated conveniently.

8.There is blow to smoke device can protect the lens.

            CL40 CO2 laser surgical system Laser output Model

Continuous (C W): laser control by feet switch, cont output.

Single Pulse: output single pulse laser, the adjustable scope of pulse width is (0.01S-1S).

Repeat Pulse: output repeat laser pulse, the adjustable scope of each pulse width is(0.01S-1S).

Ultra Pulse: each pulse width of the output laser is (0.1-2mS),the adjustable scope of interval of pulse is (0.01S-1S).

         Color computer screen 8 displayed with touch button

Prepare interface Ultra pulse interface Fault warning interface (9 kinds)
  • Laser output modecontinuous, single, repeat, ultra pulse

  • Output power preplace

  • Output time preplace

  • Laser work time counter

  • Laser output warning switch

  • Indicating beam mode pulsecontinuous

  • Brightness control

  • Laser safety switch

  • 9 treatment menu save

  • Automatic examination break down and show

           Ultra pulse Function

Using Ultra  pulse can be better to reduce hot damage around the target organ .The super pulse width is extremely short(<2mS)and it hope that around the target organ can be cooled at interval of pulse. This machine has blowing function, which the heat can be blow away at interval of pulse and the pulse interval time adjustable from 0.01S to 1S(the fixed work width of pulse is <2mS).Advice that select longer interval time when the output power is major, and select short interval time when the output power is small. Made the interval time longer than hot organ cont time which may maximum  reduce the water tumefaction after operation.                                                                                                                              

    Standard Enclosure

Enclosed Head Pieces

Safety feet Switch

Laser goggle

 Aaccessories need to pay if you want

Special heads for E. N. T department

Laser output Heads F=50mm 

OPTIONAL FITTINGS *Pixel Laser Hand Piece  * Micro Manipulator  * Smoke Evacuator
        Specifications:  Click here

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