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 JD5 laser locator applied to radiotherapy clinical precise positioning.

Each JD5 laser locator consists of one JD5-1 and two JD5-2.

The JD5 laser designator has three degrees of freedom in each laser, which can adjust the Angle of launch, and can shift and spin. All bearings can be independently adjusted without affecting the installation and adjustment.

The optical system of the JD5 laser locator instrument is designed according to the principle of precision machinery. It is made of hard aluminum alloy and its adjustment precision can reach 0.5um.

JD5 laser locator adopts imported semiconductor laser, long life, good stability; and use high-quality aberration-free optical lens to meet the strict requirements of clinical positioning on the quality of light.



  The unique design of the JD5 Laser locator obtained national patents and meets the requirements of high precision radiotherapy. After continuous improvement and improvement, the precision and stability of product adjustment have surpassed the technical level of some imported locators.

   The JD5-1 laser locator outputs a fan-shaped plane light that is projected as a red line on the object plane. The projected light width is less than 1mm at a distance of 3 meters.

   The JD5-2 laser locator consists of two independent lasers. Two orthogonal fan-shaped plane lights are output, and the projection on the object plane is an orthogonal crosshair.

Beam Direction Adjustment Range:

Vertical plane beam sector, adjustable horizontal direction: translation + 20 mm, Angle shift + 10 °

Horizontal sector flat beam, vertical direction adjustable: ±20mm translation, ±5° angular shift

The beam can be around the center axis rotation plus or minus 30 °

Supporting the provision of transitional mounting baseplates to allow for greater adjustment range, improved stability, and easier and simpler installation;



 JD5 Laser locator standard configuration

 1. One JD5-1 Dip adjustment base    2.Two JD5-2 extended overboards   3. Adjustment tool, power cord accessory


Patent Certificate

 Technical Parameter


Laser power:2mW    

Power consumption:1w

Laser wavelength: 635nm

Fan-shaped emission angle:50° 

Wide projection light:<1mm 


Weight 1.5Kg




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