Low Level Laser Therapy

As a noninvasive contact medical device, Cold lasers have been used in LLLT in medical field for over 30 years and have a long record of successful clinical studies demonstrating medical efficacy and safety.

By modifying the effects and limiting the duration of inflammation as well as enhancing specific repair and healing processes, LLLT is consistent in providing pain relief, reducing injury damage and loss of function, in addition to facilitating more rapid repair and stronger healed tissue structures. Multiple clinical studies have noted the following results of LLLT: Increased collagen production ,Enhanced nerve regeneration ,Increased vasodilation ,Reduced inflammatory duration ,Increased cell metabolism ,Increased pain threshold ,Increased cell membrane, potential Reduced edema magnitude ,Increased microcirculation

The MediLaser has a compact small size, but packs a powerful punch. It delivers 500mW maximum power at 808nm for quick treatment of all cold laser therapy, acupuncture, dental and low level laser applications. Suitable for all addiction treatments such as Smoking Cessation, Weight Management, Drug & Alcohol. Also works for Pain Management and Dental conditions.


       MDL500 Medical Diode Laser Instrument applied Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Nonnasality department: hemodia, stomatitis, exfoliation lip, nonnasality viscidity, after pulling out teeth, acute pericoronitis, trigeminal pain, disorganized mandible and joint. Bone wound department: shoulder-joint inflammation, scathing parenchyma, tennis ball elbow, strained waist, promote cicatrization after operation, arthritis. Nerve department: migraine, facial nerve paralysis, zona, neuralgia, scathing brain sequela. Dermatology department: canker, bedsore, psoriasis, itch skin, dermatitis, bare fleck, Department of gynaecology: pelvic infection, vulvitis, mastitis, Department of facial features: pharyngitis, acute tonsillitis, nasal septum debaucjed, nasosinusitis, auricle inflammation, tympanitis. honeycomb system inflammation. wean pneumonia, diarrhea, enuresis, asthma.

        MDL500N  Medical Diode Laser Instrument


  MDL-500n Semiconductor laser therapy instrument is made up of main machine & two handles. The laser is transmitted by treating handles. of which can transmit laser beam of special laser wavelength & power.

    Irradiating time could be adjusted.

Radiation time adjustment, 1 minute/step,
Treatment time max to 99min 60sec, countdown:1sec/step

Power adjustment, five class, 100mW/class,

 Handle A has 1 diode laser wavelength 808nm,

 Handle B has 6 diode laser wavelength 808nm, and 1 LED wavelength 630nm,

Output 2 way:  AandB handpiece could be work at the same time.

Technical parameter
Output way 2 Way (A + B)
A : laser power  500mW*
B : laser power   500mW6
B : LED power      200mW1
Timer  0-99m
pulse modulation 0-1000Hz
Dimension (mm) 350260110



Electrical input AC110 or 230V


1 years

        MDL 500    Medical Diode Laser Instrument

     MDL-500 medical diode laser instrument  Its output power is 500mw, and its very stable, its volume is very small, easy to operation, a extensively treat range, its expediently for carry. 
    Output 1 way:  A or B handpiece

 The rest is the same as the MDL500N


Technical parameter

Output way 1Way ( B )
  808nm Laser power   500mWx6
630nm LED power      200mW1
 timer 0-99m
pulse modulation on/off=0.5/0.5S
Dimension (mm) 30021080



Electrical input AC110 or 230V


1 years

A:  laser head can choose below various kinds wavelength
wavelength  808nm* 650nm 532nm 904nm 980nm
laser power   500mW 200mW 30mW 500mW 200mW
* standard configuration

B:  Laser head of Second generation

The second generation of  laser handlebar;
Laser irradiation on the skin evenly, no burning sensation, output energy is larger;
The picture on the right is the improvement of  808nm Laser spot contrast before and after;


     MDL 100    Medical Diode Laser Instrument

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