Performance characteristic  

JH30 equipment belongs to low power physiotherapy machines. It is a kind of photochemical action in laser irradiating and beam needle. It has the advantage of no pain, no infection, no forbidden acupuncture points. It is suitable for the persons who are afraid of pain and feel dizzy when they take acupuncture, and it is more suitable for the old men and the children. It can also cure many sorts of inflammations, such as eyelid edge inflammation, otitis media, chronic pharyngitis, oral ulcer, tongue pain, perleche, facial nerve palsy, bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, periomarthritis, pelada, back pain, pruritusgenitalium, mazocacothesis, etc.

JH30 Specification

Output power: 40mW Wavelength:632.8nm
Two way fiber output:15mWx2 Power Supply:220V/100W
Four way fiber output:6mWx4 Dimension:320(D)×320(W)× 1200(H)mm

          How it works

Terminal survey

 Two way fiber

Acupoint irradiation

Tinnitus irradiation

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