PDT-3H  Photodynamic Therapy  system

PDT-- LED Latest skin rejuvenation technology (PDT)--LED

 PDT-- LED technology using the high purity of the light and act on the skin tissue securely, increasing skin elasticity and rejuvenation.

PDT-- LED is under apyrexia domino effect, effectively killed Propionibacterium acnes, eliminate dermal patches, freckles and chloasma.

PDT-- LED is originated from the United States Department of Space Research. Researchers observed how to use the different optical radiation to affect cell activities, and stimulate a specifically metabolism, similar to plantphotosynthesis whereby plants use chlorophyll to convert sunlight into cellular building blocks.

PDT-- LED research has yielded positive results, including :

1. Reduction in metabolic bone collagen that made the disintegration of the yeast : Matrix , Metallo-proteinases, MMP-1 and MMP-

2. At the micro level to stimulate the mitochondria inside cells (Mitochondria) to generate more energy sources Adenosine Tri-phosphates (ATPs)

3. Apart from ossein and elastic fibers, optical radiation on the other organizations entire dermis also have a positive impact

Scientists have different names with PDT--LED skin rejuvenation :photo-modulation, photo-regulation or photo-bio-stimulation

PDT-3H Blue


   Output of high purity violet blue light matches the peaks optical absorption of acne aminolevulinic acid (ALA),  metabolites inside the porphyrin, Propionibacterium acnes metabolites inside the porphyrin stimulated by the withdrawal-induced chemical processes produce large singlet oxygen activity and generate a high oxidative environment to propionibacterium acnes, which accordingly leads to the death of bacteria on the skin acne cleared.


PDT-3H Yellow



   Output of high- purity yellow light matches the peak optical absorption with vascular and improves microcirculation safety and effectively under none-thermal effect, regulating cells activity, effectively improve the skin problems by the years.

PDT-3H Red


    Output of high- purity red light effectively strengthens the collagen of the skin cells activity , lessens pore, softens  skin wrinkles and increases skin elasticity. Removes the dermal patches, freckles and chloasma. Treat cystic acne effectively with photosensitizer, actinic keratosis, Bowen's disease, superficial basal cell carcinoma and Mycosis fungoides other.



Lessens skin coarseness-contraction pore

Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles

Tightening skin flexibility

Reduce Gongxiesi, pimples and Redness

Removes the dermal patches, freckles, chloasma

Standard collocate: 3 heads :red,  yellow and blue

Control the time by computer : 0-99 minutes

Irradiation position control : self-regulation by computer

Input power: 220V 50Hz 100W


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