CL4OP  CO2  laser micromanipulator

   CL40P CO2 laser microsurgery machine is made up of Super pulse co2 laser instrument, binocular operating microscope and micromanipulator.

   CL40P CO2 laser beam transferred by guiding arm. By combination of micromanipulator's adjustment and the light path of binocular operating microscope makes the laser aim exactly the target tissue under the vision of the microscope

The focus of CO2 laser machine which is commonly used is short and can’t focus so it can’t combine with the binocular operating microscope and it only can do usual operation. It must adopts high performance Super CO2 laser instrument to make up the CO2 laser micro-operation system.

For CL40P  CO2 laser microsurgery machine do operation with monitoring of binocular operating microscope so it can remove, vapourize and congeal nidus, polyps and tumor of the vital organ of one’s body.

CL40P CO2 laser microsurgery system can be used on neurosurgery, gynae, E. N. T department and general surgery dept.

   Features of CL40P CO2 laser micromanipulator

1.     it can do operation under monitoring of microscope.

2.   it has focusing system and focus range is 250-400mm.

3.   it can exactly change the position of the facula of the working face by micromanipulator and it can position random at the range of 40mm diameter.

4.   It is very fine of laser beams.

5.    it control by computer and you can set the operation mode: super pulse, single and continuous beforehand.




CL4OP CO2 laser micromanipulator technical parameter

Terminal power: continuous 0.5w-25w

Transport efficiency: focus system η>90%

Work distance:200mm-400mm(combine with microscope)

Work range: adjustable diameter>20mm in the vision of microscope

Focal point diameter:0.3-0.6mm

Indication laser: wavelength635nm power>0.5mW

Indication of same light path: coinciding center error 0.1-0.2mm

Work mode: continuous/single/super pulse.




CL4OP CO2 laser micromanipulator clinical advantages


Small injury, needn’t cut on the neck area and windpipe, little bleeding;

Non-touch, red light to indicate, high precision;

Good function security, heal up quickly, small scar, little infection; 

Short operation time, small pain, short hospital time;

Clear operation vision, easy to operate, safety.



Micromanipulator Feature


Output of microscope

Adjustable focal length :250-400mm,

Transmission efficiency: >80%

Removable Hand rest

 Adapts to most microscopes

 Adapters available for most CO2 lasers

Can be easily moved from scope to scope without tools

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