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Smoke Evacuator System  Introduction

The American epidemiologist ,Davis, point out :People's lungs are most vulnerable to the threat of air pollution and infections, especially the smoke from various medical clinical cauterization devices that are more harmful to the human body .For example, the harmful smoke in the operation of gynecological leep, microwave therapy, CO2 laser, etc., contains the survival of HPV, HIV, etc., all of which have the risk of spreading the virus. Besides, inhaling excessive harmful dust can cause cancer.

SE type movable smoke machine can effectively remove the harmful smoke and odor in medical environment, effectively eliminate the high frequency electricity knife, microwave treatment, the operation such as CO2 laser, gynecological Leep knife produce harmful smoke.

The SE type smoking machine is easy to use, and the inspiratory quantity can be adjusted freely according to the actual needs. A strong vacuum keeps the mouth away from the operating area and can absorb the smoke.

The SE type mobile smoking machine is equipped with multi-layer filtration system.  Ultramicro filter layer of particles as small as 0.3 micron filter is as high as 99% above, special design of the active carbon filter layer will be generated protein and fat burning odor absorbed adequately, to achieve clean air environment, to reduce the harmful smoke hazard of medical staff and patients.

SE type smoking machine adopts high quality special motor, and its service life is much higher than that of general vacuum cleaner motor.

The SE type smoking machine adopts the design of double filter box, which not only achieves the best filtering effect but also changes the filter box conveniently.


The Structural Characteristics of SE-2

In general, the exhaust gas from the smoking machine also contains submicron dust less than 0.3 microns.

The body's physiological structure determines to less than 1 micron doesn't submicron dust filter, block, its harm to human health, however, with the progress of medical technology, gradually exposed its side of terrible.

Submicron particles smaller than 0.3 microns are more likely to enter the alveoli, which are quickly absorbed by the human body and are distributed directly into the blood circulation without the liver detoxification. It can damage the ability of hemoglobin to transport oxygen and disrupt normal blood circulation. Can aggravate respiratory system disease, among them virus, harmful gas, heavy metal and so on enter the blood, the harm to human body health is bigger, can increase person's death risk.

SE - 2 type smoking machine, is the company's specially designed for the terrorist problem, tail gas by pipeline can be emitted, this is the biggest characteristic of the model, to protect your health, please choose SE - type 2 medical smoking machine.




SE-03 type smoke evacuator machine

Product Parameters


Max power:1000W

Max noise:65db

Max vacuum250kpa(250cmH2O)

Filter particles:0.3um>99.9%,0.12um>50%,


Power requirement:AC220V   50Hz



Features of each model


SE-02:mobile ,the exhaust can be discharged to the outside, 

SE-03:mobile ,the exhaust can be discharged to the outsidenoise reduction switch can reduce noise

The quality system: ISO 13485-2003     Safety standards: EN 60601-1、EN 60601-1-2OF 


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