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 Farewell the E-light Tender-Skin to a New Time of Pixel Laser




Director of “Shanghai Laser Medicine Research Center” 

(one of the important laser research lab in Shanghai)

Director of Shanghai Laser Treatmen Quality Control Center  

vice director of Laser Branch of China Medical Academy                        

Director of Laser Medical Academy ,Shanghai Branch ,China Medical Academy   

chief editor of The Joumal of Applied Laser of medical part



After 39 years engaged in dermatology and 27years laser research, Prof. Zhu was expert not only at diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of difficult dermatologic deases but also at the application and research of laser on medicine such as laser endoscopy for treatment, laser photosensitive diagnosis and photodynamic treatment,  the use of laser in  dermatology(tumor, vessel and pigment dease, psoriasis, and sexual dease) and weak-laser treatment


Prof. Zhu has taken on 15 subject studies, which are in the lead at home and advanced at abroad. Over years, she has issued more than 50 theses , held Shanghai International Conference on Laser Medicine and Surgery in 1994 and 1997, and was the editor in chief of Shanghai International Conference on Laser Medicine and Surgery1997;SPIE Vol.3344.


Professer of Medicine, Mentor of master Ren Ji Hospital to Shanghai 2nd Medical University

Shanghai Medical Center for Laser Reserch 145 Shan Dong road©, Shanghai,  PRC, 200001

Tel:02163740606.Fax:02163740606. E-mail:zhuwang@ online.sh.cn

Prof. Dounan,Dounas, Zhuang(Last name)  


1)1995-8, Department of Physics,KMUTT(King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi), Bangkok 10140, Thailand

Working on TEA CO2/Excimer laser with DN-type electrodes and unraining discharge, super-Gaussian/ single mode Nd:YAG laser and its  2nd & 3rd optical harmonics and tunable OPO laser pumped by the harmonic laser. The above lasers applications.

3) 1993-5, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (SIOFM) of Chinese Academy, Shanghai, China.

Research on laser spectroscopy, UV/VUV/IR laser, detection, nonlinear optics and optical parameter measurement.

4) 1992, Department of Physics, University of Kaiserslautern, F.R.Germany 

Research project: Atomic cooling with tunable dye laser.

5) 1987-9, Department of Chemistry and Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University, USA

Research on optical and mass spectroscopy of dimer and cluster on different surfaces at low temperature(1.6K) by using tunable Color-center laser and dye laser pumped by Nd:YAG  laser .

6) 1986, Department of Physics, University of Waterloo, Canada

Research on spectroscopy of cluster on surfaces.

7) 1965-85 and 1990 -1, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (SIOFM) of  Chinese  Academy, Shanghai, China.

Research on various projects involving spectroscopy, laser and non-linear optics, laser generation and detection, instrument design, setup, data collection and computation.


Books (Another two books are under writing):

1)   Dounan Zhuang et al, Gas Lasers, 1980, Shanghai Publication House of Science and Technology, in Chinese.

2)       Dounan Zhuang et al, Pulse Discharge Gas Laser, 1995, Science Publication House, Beijing, China. In Chinese.

Typical papers and lectures as first author selected from over 100 papers.

3) 10 GW CO2 laser system, Chinese Journal of Lasers,1980,7(2): 9.

4)  LiF:F2- Q-switched Nd:Phosphate glass laser oscillator, Chinese Physics Laser,  1986,  13(4): 284--286 (Published in New York).

5) Investigation of temporal and spatial process of the interaction between laser and materials, Chinese Physics Laser, 1986,13(10): 758-762(Published in New York).

6) Measurement of weak light signal, Conference of Laser Parameters Measurement ‘85, Beijing, China, 1985.

7)   Advanced lasers and their applications in modern chemistry research, Seminar at Dept. Of Chemistry, of Princeton University, USA, Sept. 19, 1987.

8)   An efficient amplification experiment of the triple—frequency of Neodymium phosphate-glass laser, CLEO’88, 1988, Anaheim, California, USA.

9)* The line broadening and red shift satellite line phenomena  in 1TW Nd:Phosphate glass laser system, ICOESE’89(International Conference on Opto-Electronic Science and Engineering’89),Beijing, China, Aug. 22-25, 1990,Invitation Paper, Published in SPIE, 1230, 1990, 362-364.

10)  Some suggestions about laser-molecular-beam-spectroscopy with a low response speed bolometer et al. (including two wave-lengths tunable independently, pico-second color center laser et al),  Final  Report, Oct. 1998, Frick Lab, Princeton Univ., USA.

11) The physics of hybrid laser and its development, The International Congress on Optical Science and Application, The Hague, The Netherlands, March 11-15, 1991.

12) Sub-Doppler rotationally resolved overtone spectroscopy of the HCN dimer, J. Chem. Phys., 1990, 90(8): 4623-4625.

13) On the IR spectroscopy of SiF4 in Ar clusters and the location of guest molecules  in seeded noble gas clusters,  J.  Chem. Phys., 1990, 93(7): 4898-4906.

14) Laser medicine in China and a typical CO2 laser surgery instrument, International Workshop on Lasers and Their Applications, Nov. 12-15, 30, 1990, Indore, India, Invitation Report.

15) VUV/XUV stimulated radiation of cluster in a noble gas beam, IWLLA(International Workshop on Laser and Laser Application)’91, Shanghai, China, 4-16 Nov., 1991, Invitation Paper.

16) The investigation on VUV/XUV spectroscopy & stimulated radiation of clusters in a noble gas beam, Optical Engineering, 1993, 32(1): 41-45, Invitation Paper.

17) New model of broad-band-laser cooling atoms and new ways to build a real modeless laser and broadband tunable VUV laser, Report to DAAD of Germany, Sept. 28, 1992. 18)* New hybrid laser-CW tunable VUV/XUV LASER,ISLOE’93 (The  International  Symposium  on  Laser  and Opto-Electronics Technology and Application), National Univ. of Singapore, Nov. 11-14, 1993; And Seminar at E.E. Of Nanyang Technology University, Singapore, June 2nd, 1996.

19) Interferent light of short wavelength  & stimulated radiation of cluster, Chinese Journal of Lasers, 1994, A21 (5): 365-370, Invitation Report.

20) Super-ring mode laser, Chinese Invention Patent, Application No.941121186.0, June 3nd, 1994.

21) Comparison of laser beam quality among super Gaussian, Gaussian and ring-mode of Solid laser and their pumped OPO laser beam, 2001, Chinese Journal of Lasers.

22) Dumping out a single mode-locked pulse from a self-injected mode-locked solid laser, 2001, Chinese Journal of Lasers.

23) Review on International  Laser/Photo-Electronical Products,  Laser Technology & Application, No.2/3, 2004.



Bachelor Degree in Science, in 1964, from Zhongshan University, GuangZhou, GuangDong, China. Major in Physics and Optics.

Rm.201, Bldg.16, 15 Kangshi Road,   Kangqiao,   Pudong,  Shanghai  201 318,    P. R. China.

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