MDL100  Medical Diode Laser Instrument 

Irradiation treatment principle

 MDL100 Medical Diode Laser instrument applied Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

 MDL100 Medical Diode Laser instrument is completely portable, as a noninvasive contact medical device, very easy to operate It is a Diode Laser wavelength of  650nm . And its laser output by fiber .

MDL100 Medical Diode  Laser instrument is Can be used for laser acupuncture and moxibustion. It has the advantage of no pain, no infect, no forbidden acupuncture point and convenience. Specially suitable for acupuncture feel dizzy, fear of pain, and the elderly and children.

MDL100  Medical Diode Laser instrument, use for Cold laser therapy output wavelength:650nm,irradiate tissue, can also activate the  corresponding parts of the immune cell activity, strengthen the body's immune function thus  reach diminish inflammation effect.



Small in size, easy to carry,   

fiber output easy to use                             
Laser acupuncture, irradiation

 2 kinds of using ways
can change 2branches branches,                    4 branches, etc,                                
Adapt to the needs of different treatment


Technical parameter

Output power1W)

>120 mW

Output power4W)

>20 mW



pulse modulation on/off=0.5/0.5S



Dimension (mm)




Electrical input AC 110-240V


1 years

       MDL100 Medical Diode Laser Instrument application !! Laser Acupuncture Therapy


In 1973 Austria Plog using laser instead of acupuncture experiment and in 1975 made the first laser acupuncture is used for meridian acupoints to treat
 disease.This kind of therapy, widely used in Europe and Asia,accumulated a large amount of data,hundreds of evidence-based medicine laboratory confirmed its clinical curative effect,published thousands of the study reports.Therefore this kind of low intensity laser is an effective method of treatment.

       Characteristics of laser acupuncture:1 Analgesia 2 Asepsis 3 No injury 4 Simple and safe.

Laser acupuncture applications

1.Medicine:Bronchial asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, hyperlipidemia, arrhythmia, rheumatoid arthritis, primary white blood cells reduce disease, vascular headache, trigeminal neuralgia, brachial neuralgia ,sciatic neuropathy etc.
2.Surgery:Chronic prostatitis, traumatic syndrome syndrome, acute mastitis, tendon sheath cyst after traumatic brain injury, bile duct diseases, etc
3.Gynecology:Chronic pelvic inflammation, abnormal fetal position, dysmenorrhea, postpartum urinary retention, chronic adnexitis, etc.
4.Pediatrics:Infantile diarrhea, mumps, urinary incontinence and cerebral palsy, etc.
5.OphthalmologySupraorbital neuropathy vitreous opacitees myopia and amblyopia etc。
6:E.N.T. Department: Anaphylactic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, chronic nasosinusitis, tinnitus, chronic pharyngitis, chronic laryngitis, etc.
7:Dermatology:Joint dysfunction, facial Paralysis, dental arthritis, mumps, prosopalgia, etc.
8:Others:Smoking cessation, laser anesthesia, etc.



It is suitable to beam needle and it can irradiating four acupuncture point at the same time.


 laser acupuncture to quit smoking


Laser acupuncture to Quit Smoking 

 is to use weak laser irradiate some acupoints of the body, Combined laser photoelectric biological effect and the traditional acupuncture, activation of the hypothalamus "in opioid peptide" 

material production,block the channel of nicotine on the brain cortex happy 

nerve stimulation.Once again lit cigarettes can make smokers generation 

dizziness, adverse symptoms such as nausea,won't smoke any more.






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