MDL50 980nm  laser Lipolysis Smartlipo Slimming Mschine 


MDL50 fiber smartlipo machine , its through the optical fiber laser heat conduction, using fine intraductal wrapped in laser optical fiber, into the subcutaneous fat layer, the high temperature produced by laser pulverized the adipocyte membrane and made fat into liquid, which was pumped out of the body by vacuum pump.Liquefied fat can be dissolved by the body's natural metabolism, lipolysis can make the decrease in the number of fat cells, can reach the effect of local shape. And liposuction is currently the most advanced laser de-fatting technology.

MDL50 fiber Smartlipo, laser lipolysis can also promote the growth of collagen, increase tissue elasticity, promote sagging skin, relax the face and tighten.



          MDL50 980nm  laser Lipolysis Smartlipo Slimming Mschine    Used to treat

The Smartlipo machine can be used to remove small areas of stubborn fat, resistant to diet or exercise, (a total of 500mls - about the size of a can of coke can be realistically removed in one treatment session), and works best on small areas of the body including:

under the chin e.g., double chin,

under the upper arms ,

the knees and leg,

the hips and inner or outer thighs e.g., saddlebags,

the waist and back e.g., love handles, and fat around the bra strap region

  • Remove excess fat from all parts of the body

        MDL50 980nm  laser Lipolysis Smartlipo Slimming Mschine   Technical parameter


 Before doing the vivo laser lipolysis have to cut a small incision on the skin. Insert laser fiber into the incision. Laser comes from the front end of the fiber. Laser produces heat, light, chemical effects and biostimulation to the tissue. Laser thermal effects will melt the plasma membrane selectively and in this way the fat broken to liquid, then the fat membrane will be reduced. To melt the small fat area can use squeeze or suction by the injector to get the melt fat out of the body.

Technical parameter
 wave  length 980nm
 980nm power  1-15W
Optical fiber 400,u
Beam delivery Optical fiber +handpiece
pulse modulation 0-99Hz
Dimension (mm) 380×280×380



Electrical input AC110 or 230V


2 years

        Before & After

     MDL50 980nm  laser Lipolysis Smartlipo Slimming Mschine   ACCESSORIES

liposuction hand with different cannulas


Optical fiber 

Safety Goggle

Gem knife

Stripping pliers






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