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      Veterinary laser applied range


Veterinary laser surgery provides the same benefits to pets that human patients have enjoyed for over thirty years: less pain, less bleeding, less infection, less swelling and discomfort after surgery, and the ability to resume normal activities sooner

Veterinary laser surgery can perform a wide variety of surgical procedures on cats, dogs, horses, birds, and other animals. It can be used to make unique bloodless laser incision, as well as to erase unhealthy tissue (e.g. tumors) without excessive loss of blood typical of conventional scalpel based surgery

Veterinary Low level laser therapy (LLLT) had analgesic, vasodilatory and anti-inflammatory properties. It greatly enhanced the healing of accidental /surgical wounds and of minor skin burns. It gave rapid and excellent results in lesions of the skin, superficial tissues (subcutaneous tissue and periosteum) and superficial Trigger Points (TPs).

Veterinary laser  (LLLT) When combined with a knowledge of the acupuncture (AP) system, LLLT was effective in treating myofascial syndromes in dogs and other animals.

Veterinary laser  (LLLT)  use for some idiopathic lameness in dogs and people, carpal swelling in horses and arthritic swelling of human finger joints.

Surgical laser

Low Level Laser treatment


CO2 Surgical laser system
Output power 15W

Diode laser therapy apparatus
Output power 100mW

CO2 Surgical laser system
Output power 15W

Diode laser therapy apparatus
Output power 500mW

CO2 Surgical laser system
Output power 25W/30W

Diode laser therapy apparatus
Two way Output laser
Maximum output power 500mW



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